7 Part Series of Advice for New Business Owners – Tip #7: Celebrate All of Your Successes

Disclaimer: In celebration of my company Nel’s Tax Help, LLC completing its second year of business, I decided to share some words of wisdom to other new business owners that will help them along their entrepreneurial journeys. Tips provided are purely for informational purposes only. Enjoy! 

2018 DMV Entrepreneur of the Year

Today my company, Nel’s Tax Help, LLC , completed its second year of business since officially starting on November 7, 2016. Since I opened my doors to help taxpayers and businesses, I have achieved:

  • Being featured as a tax expert for Credit Karma and Best Company
  • Participating in numerous speaking engagements as a panelist, a tax adviser for blog radio shows, a presenter at business conferences, and as a trainer in workshops
  • Publishing two books, A.S.K.ing for My Success: My Faith Walk from Employee to Entrepreneur and Get It Done: Design the Business of Your Dreams
  • Helping taxpayers and businesses in now 16 states while maintaining an over 92% client retention rate
  • Winning the 2018 entrepreneur of the year ACHI magazine award for the DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia (i.e. DMV) region where 11 other professional women were nominated for the same category

When you are an entrepreneur, you have to be your own biggest cheerleader. You have to share with others the great things your business is doing.

Do not think of it as bragging. Many of businesses share their achievements all the time. Sharing your company’s wins is how you let other consumers know that you are the go-to business for their service or product needs.

Besides, if you do not celebrate your winning moments, you will start to think that all your efforts as an entrepreneur are sinking your business. There will always be something in your business that will need improvement. But you must also take out the time to pat yourself on the back for the areas where your company shines.

I hope you enjoyed this 7 part series of advice for new business owners. It was my pleasure to share them with you. Here is to another year of business, and I hope you enjoy watching your company grow as much as I have enjoyed watching mine grow over the years. So cheers to us, my fellow entrepreneurs!


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