Photo of Shan-Nel D. Simmons, EA MBA by: Kimie James

Hello, my name is Shan- Nel D. Simmons, EA MBA. Pronounced SHUH-nel SIM-menz like Chanel No 5 perfume.

Professionally, I am the founder and CEO of Nel Tax and Financial Solutions. With almost 20 years of working experience in tax and accounting which includes several years of services as a former IRS revenue agent, I am the tax expert individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, and organizations that work with small business owners trust to clear up IRS mess, explain complicated tax and financial concepts in ways that are easy to follow, and to offer sound wealth advice to protect their financial progress and support their efforts for longstanding wealth. 

In addition to creating amazing tax and financial results for my clients nationwide and beyond, I am an Amazon #1 best selling co-author of Speak Up!: The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking World.  I also authored and co-authored other books such as A.S.K.ing for Success: My Faith Walk from Employee to Entrepreneur and Get It Done: Design the Business of Your Dreams

I enjoy sharing my tax savvy, leadership lessons, and financial practices in various formats and forums. I have spoken to and served audiences of varying sizes as a keynote speaker, a panelist, a workshop presenter, a podcast interview guest, and an award-winning press contributor.  

Personally, I enjoy dinners with family and friends, music, good wine, and Old Bay seasoning. I am most proud that I continue to build a business that frees me to still experience meaningful moments with my husband almost daily and to put my daughter to bed most nights.

My goal is to encourage the world to stay faithful and focused in all we do. I say “we” because I manage to keep myself encouraged in the same endeavor while I continue to faithfully let my light uniquely shine for others to see what is possible. 


Stay Golden with the IRS

Shan-Nel shares current best practices with your audience on how to improve their tax compliance followed by Q&A where she uses her knowledge and experiences as a former revenue agent (auditor) for the IRS to answer participants’ questions.

Taxes for Small Business

Before you open your doors or take your first customer, there are tax impacts and incentives to consider. During this tailored workshop followed by an open Q&A, Shan-Nel teaches vital tips and necessary obligations about taxes for small businesses.

Effectively Talk Technical

For those who identify as “informational” speakers or presenters, Shan-Nel facilitates this engaging workshop by providing your audience with tools to improve their own message delivery styles to increases their Audience Impact Effectiveness as experts and industry leaders.

From Start to Sustain

What it took to start your business is different than what it takes to stay in business. Shan-Nel enlightens your audience about the four components of her NTFS Model while she encourages them about what is required of small businesses and entrepreneurs to experience sustainable longevity.


Shan-Nel is a very knowledgeable and skilled expert in tax and accounting… During her presentations in my small business courses, she exemplifies her knowledge of small business taxes, IRS regulations, and other tax policies that everyone should know about. Her sessions were very engaging and informative. I have also witnessed her ability to be flexible in presenting in all types of events, workshops, etc. as she cares deeply about the education of others. I highly recommend Shan-Nel for your speaking engagement.

Anissa Anne Alston Founder of Alstntec, LLC

We recently had the opportunity to hear from Shan-Nel D. Simmons, as she delivered an informative presentation on How to Effectively Talk Technical to our speaker community. I really appreciate how Mrs. Simmons is able to flawlessly convey complex idea and principles and distill it in a format that is easy and enjoyable to consume for her audience. Through her stories, unique perspective and models, we were able to gain rich insight into this topics and attendees walked away feeling inspired and empowered to implement Shan-Nel’s concept. I look forward to working with her again in the future and gladly offer my recommendations for anyone looking to replicate this experience for their audience.

Brian J. Olds, President and Founder of Black Speakers Network

Shan-Nel presented tax information to our meetup group which everyone found to be very informative and valuable. She’s really knowledgeable about her area. We look forward to having her come again.

Gwen Smith, Ph.D. Founder of Service-Based Entrepreneurs’ Forum

I hosted a three day conference for women in business and the owner of Nel Tax and Financial Solutions, Shan-Nel Simmons, was our Saturday morning opening speaker. She was prepared, knowledgeable and engaging as a speaker. She answered audience questions and graciously delivered an impactful presentation that challenged business owners to think about sustainability. I would highly recommend Shan-Nel as a speaker for your next conference, seminar or symposium.

Sharvette Mithcell Founder of Mitchell Productions

Tax expert Shan-Nel D. Simmons, EA just got through slaying our lives with this amazing bonus training and what we need to know about our taxes from a business, financial, personal, and LIFE perspective!! If you missed it… DANG!

Stephanie Vaught, JD Founder and Owner of Social Money Finance, LLC

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