7 Part Series of Advice for New Business Owners – Tip #1: Who are you?

Disclaimer: In celebration of my company Nel’s Tax Help, LLC completing its second year of business, I decided to share some words of wisdom to other new business owners that will help them along their entrepreneurial journeys. Tips provided are purely for informational purposes only. Enjoy! 


Many people will tell you that what will help you stand out as a business owner is if you find purpose for going into business, or better known as finding your “why”. Others will advocate finding something that separates you from others in your industry, or better known as your “niche” and lesser known as your “what”.

But I find there is a third component that helps business owners stand out from the rest and helps their business be sustainable to sooner they discover this component. That is knowing who you are as a company, or better known as your “who”.

The best example I can provide for this is Chick Fil A. From day 1, the company let us all know who they were by not serving any beef products and being closed on Sundays. Yet Chick Fil A continuously ranks high against other preexisting fast food chains.

I knew for my company I wanted it known that I was a woman owned business. So my face is on everything. I also knew that I did not want to work on Sundays or Mondays – even during tax season. That is just who I am as a company.

Who are you as a company? Trends come and go. Some will fit your business and some will not, and it is easier to know what will work for you once you know who your business is. This is when you know who you are and what are your businesses’ values.

Come back tomorrow for Tip #2 : Following Up is Golden

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