Thankful Sunday: Super Husband

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Anyone who knows my husband knows Superman defines him. In addition to the infamous Superman tattoo on his right arm, he has many Superman shirts and even insisted that our daughter dress as Superman for two Halloweens.

But what makes him truly super is his support of me and my dreams. He works overtime for the months cash flow is low. He takes our toddler daughter out the house for Sweet Frog or the park so I can have a few uninterrupted hours to take care of business. He even treats me to the occasional pedicure why he knows I need to recharge my batteries.

I would not be able to do any of things I am able to do and live the life I live without his help because even though he is not an employee or owner in my company, he is the best member of my team.

5 Reasons Nighttime is The Right Time

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During daytime hours, at any given moment I have counted I have at least four full-time jobs that are happening simultaneously every day – being a wife, being a mother, being a homemaker, and being a boss. Even as I type this early on a Saturday morning, I have my daughter sitting on my lap.

Which is why I enjoy staying up many nights. The benefits of being a night owl are:

1. No distractions

With everyone in bed and the only noise heard is the soft hum of the dishwasher, I do some of my best thinking at night. Whether it is a creative idea for a potential book or a new marketing plan, the ideas are allowed to flow more freely because there are no demands for my attention at midnight.

2. Getting things done

Many things get done from my checklist overnight. Whether it is for the business or for the household, the overnight hours allows me to complete tasks instead of starting them just to be pulled away by phone calls or a toddler. I rather have things done than for them to be a work in progress.

3. Enjoying my tea or coffee

When I drink tea or coffee in the morning, it is because I am in survival mode. I need the caffeine. It is a quick and dirty affair of just wanting to be perked up to get through my day. However, overnight, I am not as busy as I am during the day. Now I am able to enjoy the favors, the aroma, and the warmth of my drink while getting the caffeine.

4. Getting ahead for the next day

There has been plenty of times where working overnight has set me up to have a better day the next day. I will finish so many things that I will have less to do the next day which brings me to my next point…

5. Me time

As I said, at any given moment I can be wearing up to 4 hats at once. I make it look easy, but that is only because I mastered my juggling act. However, I stay up some nights not because I have to get anything done. I enjoy the alone time to listen to some jazz versus nursery rhymes. I will watch a film I’ve meant to watch months ago, or watch some show that only I like in my household. And there have been times where I just enjoyed the silence. It is a great way to dust off the fifth hat in my life and wear only that hat for a few hours – the ‘me’ hat.